Joust of Minstrels

Below, you can find a list of the authors that are giving a talk at the Joust of Minstrels session:

  • Antonio Fernández Caballero
    Symmetry: from traditional patterns to the atomic structure of solids

  • Encarna Micó Amigo
    Finding the best algorithm in digital mobility

  • Carlos Outeiral Rubiera
    How good are protein structure prediction methods at predicting folding pathways?

  • Pablo González Suárez
    Beauty and the Ceased: The key to Never Ending Flowering

  • María Fernández Rhodes
    Complexity of extracelullar vesicles and their isolation methods

  • Andrés García Sampedro
    Shining Light to Fight Cancer

  • Mari Crespo
    Bioprinting technologies, a new paradigm in regenerative medicine

After the symposium, we will upload their talks on this site, so stay tuned if you want to listen to any of them again!