Networking activities

We have organised a series of networking activities so that you can get to know the other symposium attendees better. They will be happening on Saturday afternoon so just sit down, take your laptop, grab a drink, and engage with us!

Virtual Science Speed Dating

Finding new research partners can be a challenge for scientists. Still, it is important: Meeting scientists from other disciplines can spark a new research idea or open the door to a solution to a seemingly impossible problem. To promote new collaborations among researchers across SRUK we are looking to organise our first “virtual scientific speed dating”; event to bring together researchers attending the VIII International SRUK Symposium. The virtual scientific speed dating format will consist of two groups of people virtually sitting on opposite sides of a room. Pairs will have the opportunity to chat for a few minutes until a bell rings, indicating that it’s time to move on and start a new conversation. This process will continue until everyone in one group A has met everyone in group B.

Finding the Right Match

When meeting someone with whom you discover no common interest, we encourage you to refer the person to a colleague who might have a common interest.

Find Your House Table

Each of the four Hogwarts Houses has its strengths and weaknesses. Which house do you think they belong to?

During the symposium, we will set up a room in which we will have round tables to discuss different topics of conversation. Take a walk around our “Hogwarts houses”; room and sit at any table with your topic of interest and speak with the people there.

The goal is having casual conversations about different science topics and meeting people with similar interests and aspirations.