Poster session

Below, you can find a list of the authors that are presenting their poster, as well as a link to their corresponding poster and/or video presenting the poster:

  • Marta Acebrón García de Eulate
    Design new drugs piece-by-pieve agains multidrug-resistant P. aeruginosa pdf

  • Miguel Cacho Soblechero
    Solving the sensing puzzle: A fully-digital ISFET front-end that fits Chemical Sensing with Moore’s Law pdf

  • Daniel González Fernández
    Analysis of wind and dynamic response data from full-scale tall building in London pdf

  • Pablo González Suárez
    The key to never ending flowering pdf

  • Encarna Micó Amigo
    Quantifying digital mobility outcomes: a comprehensive and objective methodology for algorithms’ comparison and ranking across datasets pdf Video

  • Carlos Outeiral Rubiera
    What do structure prediction methods know about protein folding?pdf

  • Javier Pardo Díaz
    Robust gene coexpression networks using signed distance correlation pdf Video