Science Zone

The Science Zone is back as part of the VIII International Symposium SRUK/CERU. It will be held during on the 19th of June from 16:30h on GatherTown. Come and enjoy the outreach activities that our members and friends have prepared!

During the festival, activities will be scored by the attendees. The best activity will be awarded at the Symposium Closing Ceremony.


Who are you? A marine animal!

By Loreto Gestoso

The participants will learn what a dichotomous key is and how marine taxonomist use this tool to identify animals. They will learn through a simple experience how to use a dichotomous key and they will identify some benthic species. The will also learn about the new tools in taxonomy, the molecular tools.

Resources: If you are attending this activity, please download this document before.

Mice in a handbag: the quiz on women in science

By SRUK Scotland

For centuries, the role of women in science has been undermined and sentenced to oblivion. Our aim with this activity is to celebrate brilliant female scientists while having a good time doing an interactive quiz online. With our activity, we will challenge the audience with questions related to the role of women in science using a collaborative virtual interface in which participation of the public will be key. Our activity will not only comprise questions about female scientists in history, but we will engage audiences with the role of these scientists in literature, cinema or pop culture. Our activity will be divided into different rounds of questions which the audience will be able to join at will – only for individual rounds, or longer if they enjoy it. With their participation, participants will receive a score. At the end of the symposium, the three participants with the highest scores will receive a small award related to the role of women in science.


By Science-me a Story

Some of the winners of the SRUK writing competition Science-me a Story will participate in the symposium by reading their stories to the attendees. You will not want to miss this one out! The timings for the different stories is as it follows:

  • 16:30h – 17:00h Laura Ibáñez TejeroCopep-mar y el globo verde
  • 17:00h – 17:30h Olivia Brinkley-GreenI Wonder…
  • 17:30h – 18:00h Ant LewisNormal Jenny [pre-recorded]
  • 18:00h – 18:30h Esther Martí SentañesMaría y el códice perdido